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Magic Candle

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Introducing our truly unique Magic Candle, a collaboration with a UK-based artisan to bring you a quality product that redefines scented candles. Hand-crafted with precision, these candles offer an innovative and flame-free solution, delivering an incredible fragrance experience in your home for up to 200 hours.

Key Features:

  • Hand-Made Artistry:

    • Each Magic Candle is meticulously hand-made by our skilled UK-based artisan, ensuring a premium and unique product.
  • Flame-Free Convenience:

    • No flame, no wick, and no fuss – the Magic Candle provides a hassle-free and safe way to enjoy delightful scents in your home.
  • Extended Fragrance Duration:

    • Experience long-lasting fragrance for up to 200 hours, creating a continuously pleasant atmosphere in your living spaces.
  • Easy Setup:

    • Set up the Magic Candle effortlessly by inserting the bulb into the base station and placing the candle on top. Swap fragrances with ease to suit your mood.
  • Variety of Scents:

    • Choose from three captivating scents:
      • Lavender Pillow: A true lavender fragrance, reminiscent of freshly crushed lavender flowers, offering a relaxing ambiance.
      • Vanilla Dream: A subtle and dreamy fragrance of true vanilla, akin to the luxurious scent of vanilla ice cream.
      • Champagne & Roses: Experience the wonderful fizziness of champagne paired with delicate rose undertones – a delightful cheers to your senses.
  • Scents Reorder Option:

    • Already have a Magic Candle base station? Reorder your favorite scents from us. Replacement candles are available at £19.99 each.

Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of our Magic Candle, where artistry meets innovation to elevate your home fragrance experience. With its flame-free design and an array of delightful scents, the Magic Candle is not just a candle; it's an exquisite sensory journey. Enjoy the magic of fragrance at your fingertips!

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