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Welcome to Lumina Of London - Illuminating Every Moment with Creativity!

At Lumina Of London, we redefine lighting with unique and timeless designs that captivate year-round. We pride ourselves on breaking the mould, offering lighting ideas that transcend the ordinary, ensuring your space is brilliantly extraordinary.

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Discover the magic of Lumina Of London, where creativity meets brilliance, and lighting becomes an art form. Illuminate your home with us, where every moment is an opportunity to shine.

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  • Starburst Chain Lights

    Starburst Chain Lights

    Available in 3 colours, the Starburst Chain Lights are an all-year round favourite and are a wonderful addition to your home or garden.

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  • Solar Dandelions

    Solar Dandelions

    Simply spectacular, the Solar Dandelions are a breathtaking addition to the garden. Self-sufficient, solar-powered and useable all year round. A must have.

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  • Red Berry

    Red Berry

    A Festive delight, the Red Berry Lights add the final touches to any mantlepiece, table display and more!

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