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Solar Lanterns

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Introducing our Solar Lanterns available in 7 different designs, Globe, Balloon, Diamond, Oval, Dome, Pumpkin and Ellipse. Our show-stopping must-have this summer for the garden. These lights are outdoor solar powered ornaments each with a built-in rechargeable battery. Each light comes with a hanging hook and table stand included.

Ornament sizes vary slightly with each design (detailed below). The ornaments are made from metal and Tyvek (a weather resistant material). The lights automatically turn on at dusk and turn off at dawn. The lights are for outdoor use only. Enjoy!

Specific Sizes -

Globe: H30cm X W30cm
Balloon: H30cm X W30cm
Diamond: H28cm X W28cm
Oval: H45cm X W20cm
Dome: H26cm X W26cm
Pumpkins: H24cm X W30cm
Ellipse: H25cm X W40cm

**Please be aware that the Lanterns are only available in the colours that they are in the photos** e.g. Globe = Blue, Balloon = Purple etc...

Customer Reviews

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Janet Bridger
Solar Lantern - Balloon

Stunning 😘😍 Not used outside yet as poor weather but the pattern when they are on is beautiful 👌👌 Fast delivery, well packaged and easy to put together. Excellent comms with Liam too