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Solar Starburst Branch

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Elevate Your Garden with the Solar Starburst Branch Light:

Introducing our superb Solar Starburst Branch Light, a radiant garden stake ornament that adds a touch of celestial magic to your outdoor space. With 140 warm white LEDs, dual-powered functionality, and a built-in rechargeable battery, this enchanting light stands tall at a total height of 110cm.

Key Features:

  • 140 Warm White LEDs:

    • Illuminate your garden with the warm and inviting glow of 140 radiant warm white LEDs. The starburst design creates a captivating visual display, transforming your outdoor space into a celestial haven.
  • Dual Powered (Solar + Battery):

    • Enjoy the flexibility of dual power sources. Harness solar energy during the day to power the lights at night, and use the built-in rechargeable battery for continuous radiance.
  • Built-In Rechargeable Battery:

    • The Solar Starburst Branch Light features a built-in rechargeable battery, ensuring a reliable and sustainable lighting solution for your garden.
  • Total Height of 110cm:

    • Stand tall and proud with a total height of 110cm, making this solar garden stake ornament a striking focal point in your outdoor decor.
  • Automatic Dusk to Dawn Operation:

    • Effortlessly integrate this light into your daily routine with automatic operation. The lights turn on at dusk, creating a magical ambiance, and gracefully turn off after 6 hours for energy efficiency.
  • Indoor and Outdoor Use:

    • Whether enhancing your garden or adding a celestial touch to your indoor space, the Solar Starburst Branch Light is versatile and suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Bring Celestial Magic to Your Garden - Experience the Radiance of the Solar Starburst Branch Light!

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