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Table Star Light - Cute Night Light Decoration

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Table Star Light: A Celestial Addition to Your Dining Experience!

Transform your dining space into a celestial haven with our enchanting Table Star Light. Immerse yourself in the soft glow of 20 warm white LEDs, creating a magical ambiance that turns every meal into a celestial celebration.

Tech Specs:

  • Celestial Radiance:

    • Let the warm white glow of 20 LEDs evoke the beauty of a starlit night, adding a touch of magic to your dining experience.
  • Freestanding Elegance:

    • Standing at an approximate height of 25cm, this freestanding ornament graces your table with celestial charm.
  • Battery-Powered Brilliance:

    • Enjoy flexibility in placement with battery power. The ornament requires 3 AAA batteries (not included).
  • Built-In Timer Function:

    • Set the mood effortlessly with the built-in timer, providing 6 hours of radiant illumination followed by an automatic 18-hour switch-off.
  • Starry Craftsmanship:

    • Crafted from sturdy metal, the Table Star Light combines celestial inspiration with enduring quality.
  • Indoor Celestial Magic:

    • Designed for indoor use, this ornament invites the enchantment of a starry night to your dining setting, creating a celestial ambiance.

Dine Under the Stars:

Elevate your dining experience as you bask in the gentle radiance of our Table Star Light. Whether adorning your dining table, sideboard, or any cherished space, this celestial-inspired ornament adds a touch of magic to your indoor setting. Illuminate your nights and create cherished moments under a canopy of starry lights with the Table Star Light—a celestial addition to your dining sanctuary!

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